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ImProHost in partnership with Authorize.Net is now able to offer you a secure and affordable solution for processing your payments over the internet.

An Authorize.Net Payment Gateway account provides you with a secure bridge between your e-commerce Web site and the credit card processing networks. Each Authorize.Net Payment Gateway account includes: several flexible options for connecting your Web site to the payment gateway, online access to transaction information and account settings via the Merchant Interface, a Virtual Terminal and Batch Upload capabilities also via the Merchant Interface, FREE Customer Support, and more! For more information, see the Authorize.Net Web site at In addition, Authorize.Net takes seriously and prides itself on its continual efforts to maintain compliance with the payments industry’s highest security standards and programs. With Authorize.Net, your customers can rest easy that their payment information is safe.

In addition to the Authorize.Net Payment Gateway account you will need to have a merchant account. A merchant account is a type of bank account that allows a business to accept Internet credit card payments. Authorize.Net can help you obtain a merchant account with one of their preferred merchant account partners. The Authorize.Net Payment Gateway and Optional Merchant Setup Form attached to this email includes a Fax Cover Sheet and Application Checklist. This page will give you specific instructions about how to apply for the merchant account. Also included on this page are the rates for both the merchant account and Authorize.Net Payment Gateway.

To start accepting credit cards, complete the Payment Gateway and Optional Merchant Account Setup Form and fax it to (801) 492-6546. If you have questions on the application feel free to call Authorize.Net at (866) 437-0476.
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