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6 years, offers our experience and expertise to you.
The Company Team
Ms. Lynne Sabbag
Improhost has never let me down. My website and email are essential to my business, and in 3 years they have never let me down.

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Who We Are...
imProHost is the web hosting division of a web design company that hosts it's sites on the same servers as yours. We offer one of the most solid hosting environments available. We have to, because we depend on the servers being up as much as you do.
We know what it's like to be a customer, and we pledge to provide the customer service we would demand.
All of our machines are monitored 24/7/365 for system performance and integrity. We also proactively update software and hardware to provide the most stable and secure platform we can.
Honest Hosting
You won't see us offer "Unlimited" plans, because no one can honestly sell you unlimited bandwidth or disk space. If you sign up for an unlimited plan, the host you are doing business with is betting you won't come close using all the disk space and bandwidth he is buying from his supplier. If you do, he can't deliver and is soon out of business.
We carefully considered our resources and offer plans that match disk space, bandwidth, and customer support requirements. We know we can deliver what we promise.
You also won't see unbelievably inexpensive hosting prices. The best in equipment, datacenters and systems administrators are not free, and all are well worth the expense when the success of your website is at stake.
We strive to provide the best value in hosting. By combining extensive research, volume pricing and dedicated support staff, we can offer great hosting at down to earth prices.
imProHost has moved it's adminstration offices to new space to better serve our customers. During the move there were no disruptions in hosting services and all operations are now nominal.
imProHost is now an partner, and can offer you Gateway and Merchant accounts for your all your e-commerce needs.
imProHost is currently tracking increased attempts to exploit PHP mail forms. Contact support for a security-enhanced form mail script.
imProHost updates website.
imProHost updates server and application software.
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